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Irish american RootsShamRockstars started as a simple Facebook page to give the Irish Americans a place to laugh, chat and of course talk about our Irish Pride!

Late 2014 we came up with a pretty unique idea and posted a design of it on the page. This post instantly went VIRAL. People were asking us if we can create this design into a t-shirt and we started investigating what the best route was to do so.

We have to admit, a little "Fer Feck Sake!" slipped our mouths

After some research we found a company who could manufacture these shirts for us and the rest is history.

We opened up a simple page to sell them not expecting much. But what happened made our jaws drop. We opened the page around 9pm in the evening and decided to check the next morning if it sold some. When morning came we fired up the computer, opened up our store to wake up to 142 sales. We have to admit, a little "Fer Feck Sake!" slipped our mouths.

This was far exceeding our expectations! From that day forward we asked the community what else they would love to wear. Based on what the community wanted we started designing more and more items and of course selling more and more items.

Create what the community wants....

Our strategy was (and still is) dead simple. We do not create what we think "will sell". We ask our community what they want to see/wear. After all, they are the ones wanting/not wanting to wear something.

This simple strategy has worked wonders for us and we will continue to listen to our customers! We are not happy if you are not happy with your purchase.

2016 - The birth of shamrockstars

At the end of 2015 we decided to go a bit more professional. After coming up with a cool brand name (yeah, we love the ring of ShamRockstars) it was time to build a full store for our community providing them with the best quality items for the lowest prices possible.

We tweaked the website for a full 6 months before it has seen it's first light and we are super excited with the results.

Over 5000 Happy customers can't be wrong now can they?

We love our customers and we take good care of them. We truely believe that we deliver the most unique Irish American designs you can find on the internet.

ShamRockstars stands for it's quality and we are only happy when you (our customer) is happy. With 5000 customers (and counting) we hope to be of great service to you.

Take a look around our store and pick your favorite t shirt, hoodie or other awesome Irish American related item.

We promise you'll love it!

Erin go Bragh!